The Potential of International Izmir Art Festival in Event Tourism


  • Serkan CELIK Asst. Prof. Dr
  • Mehmet Yavuz CETINKAYA Asst.


Event Tourism, Izmir, festival, Izmir ınternational Art Festival


Event tourism examined as a concept of special interest tourism has contributed significantly to tourism, travel, leisure and recreation and lodging industries recently by becoming a strong tourism demand generating factor. In addition this, event tourism is an important way to catch social, economic, environmental goals and provide benefits for the societies and destinations. Events are one of the important attractions of destination and provide tourists with updated information about culture, society and history. Festivals and public celebrations found in all societies are increasingly seen as unique tourist attractions and destination image makers with a variety of other special events. They play a big role in making contribution to the cultural exchange among the people of the world and provide important contributions to the development of the cities and making them a brand city. The aim of this study is to put the importance on the event tourism with so many different festivals, religious/cultural organizations, sport activities and scientific organizations to make Izmir take its path in international path. In this context, so many people will visit Izmir. This study also aims to make Izmir which is accepted as the cradle of civilizations with a history of 8500 year a worldwide known city of art and culture with Izmir International Art Festival after ages. As a result of the study, it is understood that Izmir International Art Festival organized for the last 26 years has a significant role in recognition of Izmir in international area. The famous exclusive artists, groups and orchestras which were invited attracted the attention of world to Izmir.

Author Biography

Mehmet Yavuz CETINKAYA, Asst.

Izmir Katip Celebi University, Faculty of Tourism, Tourism Guidance Department




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