Effects of Climate Changes on Tourism


  • Eralp Osman Çolakoğlu Adnan Menderes University
  • Zeynep Mil Instructor, Adnan Menderes Üniversity, Didim Vocational School,


Climate change, global warming, tourism, sustainable development


This study investigates effects of the climate changes on tourism industry which causes environmental problems during the last several decades. The research aims to specify the precautions to reduce or prevent the problem of these effects while also exhibiting the effects of the climate change on the tourism industry.

As a result of global warming, the climate change may have several outcomes such as reductions in glaciers and snow cover, the rise in the sea level, storm and hurricanes which causes consequently natural disasters ending up essential changes in the life of the all inhabitants of the earth. It is irresistible that the mass tourism and other specific tourism types such as winter, sailing, golf tourisms which are determined by the climate conditions may not be affected by these climate changes.

All countries must take economic, sociologic and ecologic precautions against the outcomes of the climate changes. Moreover, educational programs must be considered so as to inform the public about these issues. The less CO2  releasing and energy consuming equipments must be produced to be used in the Tourism Industry and immediate and remedial precautions must be taken into consideration especially for the transportation sector and the energy needs of the tourism facilities. Besides, the tourism industry should pay more attention to the waste recycling issue and the local authorities must fulfill their responsibilities. The adequate educations and precautions must be provided to the administrations and personnel in the Tourism Industry. The government inspections in the Tourist facilities should be performed properly and the incentives must be promoted to the successful tourism businesses.

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Eralp Osman Çolakoğlu, Adnan Menderes University

Tourism Management



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