Social Tourism: An Analysis from The Sustainability Perspective - İzmir Case


  • Nil SONUÇ, Assist. Prof. Dr. Department of Tourism Guiding, Faculty of Tourism, İzmir Katip Çelebi University



The common ground where social tourism meets with sustainable tourism is their inclusionary and participative nature. The construction of socially sustainable tourism especially, is closely relying on the socio-economic dimension of sustainable tourism. Following the perspective of social tourism in Turkish Tourism Strategy 2023, a policy document handling the Turkish tourism from the sustainability perspective, the study is based on proposals for the practice of sustainable social tourism in İzmir city of Turkey. The basic reason for the sustainable social tourism policy not reaching practical value in İzmir is found out as lack or inadequacy of all the concerned stakeholders’ inclusion. Thus on the supply side, a more participative and inclusionary socially sustainable tourism structure is proposed. Additionally, on the demand side, sustainable social tourism products in accordance with the needs and expectations and ideas of the potential social tourism participants living in İzmir are suggested.




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SONUÇ, N. (2020). Social Tourism: An Analysis from The Sustainability Perspective - İzmir Case. International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences, 10(1), 35–52.